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About us


About us

Ceyone Wellness India Private Limited is an excellent platform for self-determined professionals who seek to discover new highs in entrepreneurial ventures for a more meaningful life. Our business plan not only transforms your life physically and financially, but also touches those around you.

The Board of the organization draws confidence from over seventeen years of experience in the Direct Selling Industry, a good many of them spent in developing the faculty of millions of individuals within hundreds of teams not just financially but professionally as well.

We take pride in being instrumental behind transforming the lives of thousands of families, of empowering numerous women and young adults through helping them attain financial freedom that is still a revered milestone to many in our country; and in this process have left our mark on the health and well being of numerous individuals. We pay the highest respect to Training and Development: in the area of Skill and Will - that ranges from behavioral / personality development, communication and body language, building character ethics, business building basics, team management and leadership and so on.

We believe that any goal is possible with the right attitude and have our track record of numerous testimonials of successful team members from ordinarily moderate background to conform to the same. Today's global downturn, low industry growth, uncertainties in employment has factored together to present to you the absolute right time to sign up for Ceyone Business. We are here with a vision to create history in the industry - to go global with our Business Plan and Products, to change your future and the future of everyone that you know.

Ceyone Business is armed with the best practices from the world over, and together these advantages combine to provide to you the most powerful tools to build your business in the Direct Selling Industry. We are the frontrunners in many ways; we provide you with a base where you do not need to restrict your potential. Or your financial imagination. Ceyone promises to arm you with a pioneering launch pad and a pair of strong wings - to empower you to soar across the highest level that you can possibly think of.

Welcome to the CEYONE FORCE! Walk with us and enjoy the wealth of being healthy.

Beauty, to us, is about being comfortable in your own mind